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Why can't I sleep?

What can cause insomnia and how to fix it.

Why cant I sleep?

Insomnia, which is a condition that describes the inability to fall asleep, can be caused by many different factors. However there are easy steps you can take to help improve your chances of falling asleep.

Follow our list of steps below and you'll never have to ask why you cant sleep again.

Step 1: Eliminate artificial light exposure.

Artificial light can throw off your sleep schedule and trick your brain into staying in an alert state. Your brain naturally begins to release sleep horomones when the sun goes down, but this process is stopped when you are exposed to artificial light. It is recommended that stop using all devices that emit artificial light, such as phones or computers, an hour before your set bedtime.

If its not possible for you to stop using your devices all together you can try checking if your device has a night mode. Nightmode is a setting that is included on many modern devices that makes the light coming out of your device shift to more warm colors which helps your brain realize its time to sleep.

Step 2: Set a bedtime.

It is extremely important to try to go to bed at the same time everynight. If you change your bedtime nightly your brain will not know when to start producing the chemicals it needs to in order to make you tired.

Decide on a time everynight that you will turn off your devices and try to sleep. At first this can be very difficult because you may not fall asleep immediately when you first start. However once your brain adapts and begind to relize that the time you set is the time you go to sleep evey night you will start to feel tired at that time and it will be much easier to fall asleep.

Step 3: Try using melatonin.

If you have traid the above steps and are still having trouble sleeping it could be time to try using melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep medication that is availible without a prescription and is used to make the user feel tired so they can sleep easier.

Melatonin is a natural chemical that is produced by your brain to create the feeling of tiredness. It is released when your brain notices that your invironment is dark and therefore light can keep it from being produced.

Most professionals recommend taking melatonin for a max of two months at a time which is longer than you should need to take it for. Try to use melatonin not as a nightly sleep aid but more as a reset switch for your sleep schedule.

Step 4: Try white noise.

White noise is background noise that helps to drown out annoying sounds and relax your brain. Here at Sounds 4 Sleep we have a great library of relaxing white noise sounds that can help you sleep.

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