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Why was Sounds For Sleep made?

I created sounds for sleep because I was tired of falling asleep to a relaxing YouTube video for sleeping only to be woken up by an obnoxious ad or having my device turn off and the video stop playing. I needed a better solution to help drown out my tinnitus all night and to help me get truly deep sleep.

Sounds For Sleep fixes these problems, you can turn your phone or computer screen off after you click play and the audio will keep going, there are no obnoxious ads and the audio format uses far less data than a YouTube video.

How were the sounds chosen?

I chose sounds that I enjoy falling to sleep to and I hope you will as well. All of these sounds are free to use, non-copyrighted sounds that I found online. We have sounds that include rain, rain and thunder, ocean waves, cicadas, cafe, airplane cabin, and more.

What are the benefits to sleeping with white noise?

White noise has been shown to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. It is very useful for blocking out annoying background sounds and also helpful for people who are light sleepers and those who have tinnitus like myself.

I hope you like the site!

Thank you very much for trying out the site! I hope the relaxing sounds help you sleep, meditate, or study, whatever you need to use them for. If you like our site bookmark it so you can keep coming back! Thanks Again!

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What is white noise?

White noise is a type of sound that is created when sounds of many different frequencies are all combined together. White is often confused with background noise which is any sound that the brain tends to tune out after hearing it for a period of time. On this site we offer both white noise and background noise both of which are useful for different things.

What is white noise useful for?

White noise is exceptionally good at blocking out background sounds. This is because it consists of sounds of all frequencies and therefore other sounds tend to be lost in its noise. This sound blocking affect has many uses from health to concentration.

People with tinnitus may find white noise especially useful because it can mask the ringing caused by the condition. Others may consider using white noise as a study or sleep tool.

Is it healthy to listen to white noise while I sleep?

White noise can be very helpful in getting a good night of deep sleep. The noise it provides can act as a sort of dampener on other sounds meaning you wont wake up as often to loud noises that can occur throughout the night, this is especially useful if you have insomnia.

Getting deep uninterrupted sleep is incredible important to your brain and body health. Sleep is what allows your brain to recuperate and interruptions to your sleep mean your brain is never falling into whats know as REM sleep. REM sleep is the period of time when your brain and body benefit the most from sleep. By keeping you in this state of deep sleep white noise can actually improve your over all health.

How can I manage tinnitus?

As someone with tinnitus I know how annoying the condition can be, but with the proper steps you can easily learn to live with it. Don't listen to sources trying to sensationalize the seriousness of the condition there are steps you can take to alleviate tinnitus. Some things I've found to be helpful with managing tinnitus are noise generators such as this website, however make sure you keep your volume low if you are using earphones to listen as loud sounds can aggravate tinnitus.

Stress and tension can also aggravate tinnitus, try relaxing and meditating once a day to some nice sounds and you will notice a decrease in the noise. The muscles in your head and jaw can also be linked to tinnitus. If these muscles get to tight they can cause tinnitus so massaging the muscles of your jaw, temples, and neck can alleviate tinnitus significantly.

For temporary relief from tinnitus press your palms over your ears and your fingers on the back of your head where you can feel your neck muscles connect to your skull. Place your index finger on top of your middle finger and push down until your index finger snap off of your middle and hits the back of your head. You should hear a sort of thud if you do it correctly. Do this 5-10 times for temporary relief. Don't do it to often though as this can damage your ears.

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