In Nose - Out Mouth

About The Types Of Breath Work:

It may seem silly, but the simple act of focusing on breathing and the way you breath has been shown, scientifically, to have numerous possitive effects on the body and mind. If you suffer from anxiety or depression trying a breathing technique may be very benifitial for you.

Wim Hof

Wim Hof breathing was developed by Wim Hof who is also known as the iceman. Wim Hof developed his breathing technique after his wife passed away leaving him with 4 children to raise. Wim was searching for his path in life when one day he felt the strange urge to go swimming in a freezing stream. While he was in the stream the cold forced him to breath in certain pattern and after he came out he felt much more focused, and happy.

Since then Wim has further developed this breathing technique taught to him by the cold and demonstrated some amazing scientifically validated benifits to his breething method. Wim has show that he can control his body temperature and that his Wim Hoff method can even boost the immune system.

If you would like to learn more about Wim and his method, you can visit his site here.


Our relax style breathwork is a simple deep breath pattern. I have found this breathing pattern to be very useful to me. When I'm feeling anxious or sad I often turn to this breathing pattern and I have found that it helps me greatly in overcoming these feelings.

If you try this relax style breathing keep at it for around 30 minutes and you will start to feel better. It's even more effective if performed after exercise.


Square breathing is a breathing technique where you breath in, hold, breath out, and hold again all for the same amounts of time. Square breathing is extremely useful for promoting concentration and alleviating anxiety. Square breathing is popular in high stress fields as a natural way to relax and focus and is even used by Navy SEALS.

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